Welcome to Val d’Isère and to the second edition of
“Guide 2 Val d’Isère - The WEBSITE”.

Guide 2 Val d’Isère is a loose organisation of businesses involved in some way in Val d’Isère. We include tour operators and accommodation agencies, ski schools and independent instructors, bars, restaurants and local service businesses of all kinds.

Some of us are big organisations employing hundreds of staff, others are one man bands. We are of many different nationalities, from France to Australia, the USA to Scandinavia and everywhere in between. Some of us are from local Avalin families, some of us have been running our businesses here for more than thirty years, some of us have not long set up and some of us aren’t actually based in Val at all.

What we all have in common is that we all think Val d’Isère is the best ski resort in the world. We want to help you discover what makes Val d’Isère such a great place. We want to help you organise your holiday and we want to help you have a fantastic time while you’re here. Then of course we want you to come back again, and tell all your friends!

We are also all dedicated to making Val d’Isère as good as it can possibly be, so if you have any comments at all about your time in Val d’Isère we hope you will log onto www.guide2valdisere.com and tell us. You could even win a pair of the very latest Rossignol Hero skis.

We hope you have a fantastic holiday in Val d’Isère!

Susan Dun